Group or Private Classes

Types of Classes:

  1. Group
  2. Private group
  3. Private individual

Need some help with choosing ? Refer to table below or contact us.


Group Private Group

Private Individual


Confirmed by us (venue can be proposed by you)

Confirmed by the group

Confirmed by yourself

Suitable for

Persons who want to take fun group classes but are unable to find friends or families to join.

Friends or families who want to take classes together

For those who prefer one to one attention to improve themselves or to address issues such as recovery from injuries.

Who will be in the class?

Persons with same interest

Group of friends or family


Preferred date and time

Based on group’s consensus Yes


Can class be rescheduled




Number of participants in a class

Depends on venue (agreed by us so that adequate attention is given to everyone)

Depends on the group and venue (agreed by us so that adequate attention is given to everyone)


Opportunity for
  • Community bonding
  • Meet people with same interest
  • Family bonding and
  • Improving couple relationship
  • To focus on your weaknesses
  • To practice new moves, yoga poses and postures.
Is programme customised?

We will understand the group’s goals and needs and help everyone work towards it

Yes, for You only!