IWD 2018 at Core Collective

What is Hatha Flow Yoga and Dance & Tone?

Hatha Flow Yoga by Alison (6.00-7.00pm)
A flowing yoga sequence focusing on breath, meditation and basic yoga postures. Improve flexibility and balance, while simultaneously building strength, as we flow through a combination of basic and challenging yoga poses.

Dance & Tone by Ellein (from 7.15-8.15pm)
A combination of dance, toning and aerobics in a single workout, featuring a mind-blowing mix of popular beats and sizzling hot dance moves. Expect a high energy sweat sesh filled with much fun & laughter, that’ll leave you feeling amazing!

Whether you’re winding down after a long day in the office, or kicking off an evening of fun with a healthy start, we guarantee you’ll leave each session feeling refreshed and energized! We hope you’ll also walk away even more motivated to #PressforProgress both in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and also in striving to promote gender parity.



Pratique Bodyworks_Alison
Alison Foo

Alison has 9 years of teaching experience with gyms, corporate and private clients. She has also taught in major outdoor events such as “Yoga by the Sea” by SHAPE magazine, “Car-Free Sunday SG” by ActiveSG, and “Largest Mass Aerial Workout”, “Danceout” & “Fight Club” by Fitness First.

She is trained in different types of Yoga, including Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Les Mills Bodybalance (which comprises a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates), Body Combat (mixed martial arts), CX (core conditioning), SH’BAM & Bodyjam (Dance cardio) by experienced, renowned and inspiring trainers in the Yoga & fitness industry.

Alison’s passion & goal is to help people work out safely during classes while also having fun, by reminding them to be patient and consistent while developing strength and flexibility.

Pratique Bodyworks_Ellein
Ellein Tan

Ellein has 5 years of teaching experience as a Group Fitness Instructor, and is a strong advocate of group exercise since becoming addicted in 2007.

She is trained and certified in Les Mills BODYATTACK and SH’BAM and has been teaching both programs in various gyms since 2013 and 2015 respectively. She is also trained in Les Mills Tone and aims to become certified in Les Mills Barre next.

Having danced since the age of 13 and maintaining this passion through adulthood, Ellein also decided to take up a dance-focused module in 2015. Equipped with her years of experience in the Group Exercise industry, Ellein started teaching a combination of dance, toning and aerobics in a single workout called “Dance & Tone”.

Her biggest takeaway through her fitness journey is seeing various people experience positive changes not only to their body, but also their inner heart and mind, as they leave each class feeling happy that they accomplished something great that day.

Ellein thoroughly enjoys interacting with all who attend her classes, which are always guaranteed to be full of energy, fun and laughter. She strives to continue being an ambassador of positive change and emotional wellness, helping people achieve the highest level of fitness which they never before imagined they could.



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